I want to help you find the best version of yourselfMake confidence a staple of your personal style!

Confidence is your best look. I believe the best personal style starts on the inside. As a Style Coach™, I want to help you find the best version of you. I combine the supportive skills of a coach with a thorough knowledge of fashion, so I can help you put your best look forward.

So much more than an image consultant—I want to take you from where you are to where you want to be!

Find the freedom to express your personal style!

Style is personal. As a Style Coach™, I believe in building relationships with my clients to help them unlock the keys to their own personal styles. Shopping for clothes that fit and flatter doesn’t have to be a chore. I believe when you feel great about yourself, you can look good in almost anything!


I am so glad I hired Nicole Kimmel, Style Coach™, Girl Friday, what ever ya want…she will do! I am 61 and had just retired from a job I love. I am busy with civic activities and assisting my husband with some of his responsibilities as president of a small local university. Piece of cake…right? Easy street……right? WRONG!!! I was used to a routine. I am a School Counselor so I was off in the summer anyway and really didn’t notice the difference until school started in the fall. Wow, was I shocked! I had more time than ever and I could hardly finish a task. For me, transition was just difficult it was a bummer!

A friend recommended Nicole. This woman was like having a female “Mr. Clean” dance into your home. Yes, with muscles too, a great smile, a multi-faceted skill set and tons of energy. I was of course in my jammies but as my depressed eyelids peered over my coffee cup….I knew help was on the way.

First, Nicole listened…..very important! Then, she suggested we start with my closet. She thought it might help to organize the space, (my closet and bathroom), in which I was suddenly spending more time. I thought she might faint, laugh or leave when she saw my closet, but to my amazement, 4 hrs. later, there were my clothes! I could see my clothes! Everything I needed…my jewelry, blouses, skirts, pants all categorized and accessible. There was actually room to walk in my “walk in” closet. I felt better, even quasi excited about tackling another task.

Nicole has since attacked my teen-age daughter’s room wearing a hard hat, armed with a BIG shovel and wielding an electric saw. Next, was our garage complete with “duck feathers” (son Ben utilizes this space to clean his ducks). Yes, he has his own garage! Nicole was in good humor and ready for her next challenge even though she was covered in feathers (not a pretty visual) and had an allergy attack. The woman never whined…she did ask for a drink of water and some tissues. Our last adventure included organizing my office space (remember…I detest paper organizing and am in my “I don’t want to do anything phase,”) and planning a business dinner party for 30 at my house (the food had to be “Vegan!”).

We do discuss fashion and what I might wear to a specific function but I have my own “quirky-eclectic” style. Nic honors what I think and like, so I am the “leader” in this area and I like that!

I use Nicole Kimmel because she is honest and when she works for you, she works with you, really hearing what you need done to enrich your life, or reduce stressors that can sometimes make one’s life overwhelming. She gets it!!!! I would be glad to answer any questions regarding my work with Nicole Kimmel as a Style Coach™.

Betty P. bparnell@drury.edu